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Frances Jane Gray Krutz

Frances Jane Gray Krutz

FRANCES JANE ('Miss Jane') KRUTZ, 86 years old, died Sunday, March 25th, 2012. Born an Arkansas country girl, she became known as: 'The Queen Mother of Arkansas,' a title bestowed in honor of her long-time dedication to statewide charities and service organizations through her volunteer talents and toil. Always recognized for her regal bearing, welcoming demeanor and marinated-in-honey Southern accent, Miss Jane was a loving and beloved Christian. Coast to coast, when she gave speeches, her closing line was a sincerely meant message: "...Don't let one of you miss a home in Heaven."

She was born October, 1st, 1925 in Conway, Arkansas, the only child of car dealer Victor Gray and his wife, Fannie (Diffee) Gray. The fair-haired toddler grew into a beauty well noted for her winning-ways. As a teenager, Miss Jane started making her mark when she became the President of the International Don Ameche Fan Club, her life-long favorite Hollywood talent! Soon she met and was smitten with a Camp Robinson Army soldier, TED KRUTZ, (who she adoringly described as: 'The Prettiest Man In The World.') Because WWII was looming, the 16 year old was the first Little Rock student to receive 'special permission' to marry and continue her education. The couple wed on March 14, 1943 (and celebrated their 64th Anniversary, prior to Ted's death on June 10th, 2007.) They were parents to: SON Ted (Teddy) Krutz, Jr. (wife - Debbie); DAUGHTER - Jane (Little Janie) Krutz Lay (husband George); DAUGHTER the late-Vicki Krutz Kreulen (husband - Pat). Miss Jane was the Grandmother of seven and Great-Grandmother to six.

Throughout her existence, Miss Jane's every task was 'a goal to win.' Starting with Girl Scout Cookies and American Legion Poppies, she sold more than any other local child; During school years, she volunteered for jobs big and small. When there was a worthy cause, Miss Jane would become a champion for the downtrodden, ill, homeless and the hungry. She was not seeking headlines or society's recognition or volunteering just to mask a wasted early life - she was, (simply phrased,) the essence of compassion and decades of 'free work' prove this to be true! As a Nazarene church member, Miss Jane held every post from Sunday School Teacher to serving on her Church Board; Visitors recall a woman, cloaked in darkness, standing at the edge of the congregation's driveway. There, in the frosty winds and pelting sleet, Miss Jane would warmly welcome carloads driving through their Annual Live-Christmas Nativity. With a gracious smile, Miss Jane would pass religious literature through a vehicle window and joyously invite folks to: 'Please, consider returning to attend our church services...'

Miss Jane was the first Mother of a first grader to be elected a Little Rock PTA President at the beginning of her child's education! She participated in the first 'Mother's March Against Polio;' directed the first 'Drive Against Cerebral Palsy;' Miss Jane was so dedicated to the Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), and how it could foster improvements in the lives and homes of Arkansans, the TV station's main studio was named for her. After formally addressing a Washington, D.C. Congressional Sub-Committee, urging them to preserve PBS funding, Miss Jane received a rare standing ovation which was thrilling for (as she called herself), 'Just a Little Girl from Little Rock.'

Miss Jane got more members to join the 'Chamber of Commerce' in a single year, than anyone in the nation - a still unbroken record. Their 'Membership Award' has been titled: 'The Jane Krutz Cup.' Over a quarter-of-a-century she served on the 'Salvation Army Advisory Board'. She didn't just bask in the limelight at fancy parties, she stood outside her neighborhood grocery ringing a bell, seeking to fill her kettle with coins so The Salvation Army could help any lost soul with a blanket or soap or soup and yes, the chance for their salvation.

Miss Jane co-directed the 'Arkansas Junior Miss Program,' with an unmatched record of producing three National Winners! She received the 'Community Service Star;' was crowned 'Mrs. Senior Central Arkansas;' Chosen 'Arkansas Mother Of The Year;' named in the 'Top 100 Women in Arkansas;' plus was honored as 'Civitan Citizen of The Year;' 'BPW Woman of the Year;' 'RSVP Woman of Style;' and there was more...

Miss Jane spent her lifetime helping 'others' to be great. (It is terrific knowing you have made life's path easier for someone, somewhere...) She relished the goodness she inspired - when folks opened their billfolds or helped do an unsung job for a needy family or encouraged youngsters to lofty achievements, all making Arkansas a finer homeplace, Miss Jane was a trustworthy woman, forever loyal, steadfast in her values and was kindhearted to those who had no friends. Everyone was proud of her, yet Miss Jane believed 'personal pride' was life's mistake and therefore, we should never stop humbly serving others. A handful of days before her own death, she was on television, still begging for financial donations to fund AETN's programming.

Miss Jane did all of this while being a Wife and a Mother as well as contributing to her household with full-time employment. She was the first woman President of the 'Association of Building Owners & Managers.' Miss Jane authored her autobiography; and, was on the National Speaker's Circuit, delivering her Southern accented valedictory to filled auditoriums and intimate groups. She even offered recordings of her talks because folks wanted to enjoy them over and over. When 'The Billy Graham Crusade' came to The Natural State in 1989, Miss Jane was invited to say the 'Opening Prayer.' Once again, with a bowed head, closed eyes and a prayerful clasp of hands, she proved to be a mighty and magnificent matriarch of Arkansas and Billy Graham had a powerful act to follow...

Miss Jane had an admirable life which others should pattern after. At the core of her being, she was a Christian and knew Jesus Christ to be The Savior Of The World. If you did not have the opportunity to meet Miss Jane, you'll have another chance. She will be easy to spot amongst a bevy of doves and winged wonders; As a 'Volunteer Usher' for Heaven's new-comers, when 'The Pearly Gates' gaily swing wide, there she will rise. Transformed through the majesty of The Almighty, our Miss Jane will once again be a glowingly beautiful blonde, robed in chiffon 'n satin and this time, halo crowned; With a beatific smile and her precious Southern Lady drawl, dear Miss Jane will beckon in her own adorable terms: "Honey, come on inside; We've been wait'n for you, Sugar. Please, let me introduce you Darl'n, to everyone's best friend - JESUS CHRIST..."

Visitation will be hosted at Ruebel Funeral Home, (on West Markham in LR) on Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. Funeral Services will be conducted at the First Church of the Nazarene, (on Mississippi in LR) Saturday at 3 p.m. Burial will be at the Vilonia Cemetery in Vilonia, Arkansas. Arrangements are under the direction of Ruebel Funeral Home,

Everlasting home, a mansion in Paradise.

Condolence Book

"Our deepest sympathy to Miss Jane's precious family. What a loss to our world but Heaven's gain. Miss Jane will be so missed, she made such an impact wherever she went. She was a grand lady, an unforgettable personality. What a legacy she has left behind for us to remember!! We hold you in our hearts and prayers as you mourn her loss. Can not imagine the glorious reunion in Heaven. For that I am jealous! Love you guys!"
Debby & Kevin Hunsaker | Bryant, AR |

"Heaven just got a lot more fun. Prayers are with all of us dealing with the loss - and resting in our Lord's Peace and comfort. Remember Janie - "Where two or More are Gathered -- in HIS Name" -- Jesus is there and if Mama happens to be standing close to Him she's only an arm length away.."
John / Elaine Kurtz | Heber Springs, AR |

"Sweet Janie, My heart breaks for you & the rest of the family. I pray that the Lord will hold you close and comfort you as only He can. I will forever cherish the very special time I got to spend with you, Ms. Jane and Vikki that Easter a few years ago. I don't think I have ever laughed so much. All three of you have touched so many lives, and you will continue to carry the torch well. Love you bunches!"
Glynda Turley | Heber Springs, AR | glyndat@suddenlink.netf

"I knew Jane through Salvation Army & there was never a more dedicated person. She never did anything half way and she really influenced many people along the way. I shall always remember her ending all of her prayers "and don't let a one in this room miss a home in heaven". I know she's there now & stirring things up. We loved her and are better for knowing her. "
Sue Senn | |

"Janie,So sorry to hear about your mother. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Waren & Tracey Olmstead"

Waren & Tracey Olmstead | Heber Springs, AR |

"Janie, I know your Mom is having a ball in Heaven. I have a feeling that Heaven is a lot more fun now---I respect all she did for PBS, and she will be missed greatly. Our sympathy is with you at this time. Love you, Joyce & Eddie Hightower"
Joyce Hightower | Tumbling Shoals, AR |

"We are grieving with you in the loss of Jane. She was one of a kind and we feel so privileged to have known her. She was surrounded by family and friends and knew she was loved. Memories of all the good times will help you cope. She was a wonderful example of a giving, selfless happy Christian woman who lived life to the fullest. We send our love and prayers to your family."
Carol & Ron Sparks | Ft. Smith, AR |

I am so sorry for your loss. I know your heart is broken, but as John Kurtz said, "Heaven just got a lot more fun!" Your loss is heaven's gain. Remember that you are loved.
Arline Chandler Smith


Arline Chandler Smith | Heber Springs, , AR |

"Part of our lives with a beautiful lady has ended for the time being...but Heaven will be much better with Jane in it!..we will miss her more than mere words can say on printed paper. Her trips with us on the church chartered buses were always enjoyed by everyone on board. love you Jane."
James and Daphna Bickerstaff | Cookeville, Tn. |

"Words can never express the love I had for Jane, we had so much fun together, and our trip to
Washington, the conventions, and working at AETN,
were wonderful years, But she is with Tedd and Vickie now, and all her pain is gone.
May God bless each of you.
Love you,
Neldakeyclot Contron"

Nelda Kennedy | Quitman,, AR |

"My dear Janie, Bill and I are so sorry to hear your sad news. I will always remeber her as a very classy, grand woman with a very warm smile.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
We love you,

Chris Myers=Brewer | Germantown, TN |

"Janie, may God continue to bless you and your family in the loss of your mother. She was a delightful person to be around. I can hear her laughter as I write this. She has truly inspired me. I am proud to have called her a friend.wn"
Dianne Farris | Heber Springs, AR |

"Jane was one of the dearest people one could ever meet. She always looked you squarely in the eye and devoted 100% attention to whatever you might be talking about. Her devotion to her God, her family, her church, her city and her state will never be forgotten.

Heaven is a brighter place today because of Jane's entrance when I'm sure the words were heard...well done, Jane!"

Greg Daniels | Little Rock, AR |

"I am so sad to hear of Jane's passing - she was such a beautiful lady, inside and out and one of my dearest & sweetest friends. There is no way to know how many people she has helped in a lifetime of loving & giving. I take comfort in knowing that she is dancing all over the golden streets of Heaven with her beloved Ted & catching up with daughter Vikki ... no more pain, no more incapacity. I will miss Jane more than I can say & will treasure every single memory I've had with her. "And I heard a voice from heaven saying: 'Blessed are they who die in the Lord ... blessed, indeed, says the Spirit, for they may rest from their labors for their deeds follow them.'" (slightly paraphrased version of Rev. 14:13 ... but it really fits Jane!) Rest in peace & love, my precious friend. "
Nancy Williams | Little Rock, AR |

"What to say but that Jane and my mom (Doris Gray Hand) who were first cousins are up in heaven organizing all the choirs and leading in praises to our Heavenly Father. What a family heritage I have through Aunt Fannie, Uncle Victor, Granddaddy Gray, and last, but not least, Ms. Jane. I will miss all the "little darlin', precious angel, and other unique titles she gave to those who were around her. To Janie and all the family, my prayers go up for you."
Julia Hand Callaway | Simsboro, LA |

"Janie, Thinking about you and worshiping God for your Moms' Home-going! We are all selfish enough to want them with us but she is dancing before Jesus as I write! "He heals the broken in heart, and binds up our wounds" Ps. 147:3 Let God heal your heart with the sweet and precious memories of your Momma! My Prayers and thoughts are with you and all of Jane's family and friends"
Kim Anderson | Heber Springs, AR |

"What a glorious life! I am so thankful that she was my second momma and to of known her for most of my life. Mom and Mris. Krutz were a pair together... best friends. These 2 ladies were and are my inspiration for life. I love you and will truly miss you! (((HUGS))) and prayers to the entire family. God has been blessed with another angel. <3"
Mary and Mary Anne Maggart | Little Rock, AR |

"Many women have inspired me... helped to shape my attitudes... and shown me what a vibrant, successful, Godly woman should look like. Ms. Jane was one of those women! She proved that hard work and dedication never go out of style. What a wonderful role model she was for so many, including Sarahjane and her generation of aspiring "movers and shakers."

I pray that all of you have peace in Ms. Jane's passing. Know that she is well, healthy, whole, and busy doing the LORD's work! I have a feeling she is already the Heavenly Spokesperson for more than one cause! We shall never forget her, and we pray that loving memories sustain you in this time."

Debbie Robus | Heber Springs, AR |

"Thank you God for letting me, Teddy and Vikki have OUR mama as our Mama. You showed us to God. We WILL meet you in Heaven. I can't wait. I love you my Mama !!"
Janie krutz lay | Heber springs, AR |

"My Dearest Janie and Sarah,

Just wanted you to know I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Your lives were so enriched by this beautiful godly women, and you are so lucky to have had her for so many years. Heaven is now rejoicing and everyone is having a blast! Remember all her teachings, pass them on to others, and let her live through you.
Lots of love to you both and prayers are being said for your comfort.

Linnet Tournear | Heber Springs, AR |

"AETN will NEVER be the same. We will always remember you."
Nikki Dodd | Jacksonville, AR |

"Look out Heaven - here she comes!! Miss Jane was one of a kind and knew how to make you feel like you were the most special person in the world. I love her dearly along with all her family. Have fun Miss Jane - we will all be together again some day!!"
Nancy Crisp Williams | Conway , AR |

"Occassionally - not often - but every once in a while, you meet someone and immediately know 'I want/need this person to be my friend forever.' This thought was at the genesis of our introduction many decades ago. Our entire household 'fell in love' with Miss Jane (but then, didn't everyone!) Now, we are filled with tears and sorrow at her absence.

All of Arkansas is overflowing with gratitude for Miss Jane's lifetime of contributions and inspiration; Decades into the future, her kindhearted and noble toil - bettering the lives of others - will be recalled; Future descendants and readers of history books will say in awe: "Look what JANE KRUTZ did for us...""

Audrey Burtrum-Stanley, Jim Stanley, Jr & James Stanley III | NLR, AR |

"My wife Jeanne and I join the family and friends of Jane Krutz in celebration of her life and legacy.

Jane was my Cub Scout Den Mother when I was a boy. Teddy Jr., shared his mother with all of us boys growing up. She was a great motivator and model for us all.

We will miss Janes' winning ways, her passion for life and her witness for Christ. She was truly the "Virtuous Woman" of Proverbs 31."

Happy and Jeanne Caldwell | Little Rock, AR |

"Jane was a mentor to me. I first met her through my affiliations with the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, over 20 years ago. Then got to know her through BPW (Business
& Professional Women of Arkansas) and SMEI - Sales and Marketing Executives International, Arkansas Chapter. She inspired me to always put my best foot forward, and to meet people where they are in life. I am so sad to hear of her passing, and my prayers and deepest sympathy are with Ms. Jane's family. I loved her a lot. "

Jeananne Hawking | North Little Rock, AR |

"Mrs. Janie, I didn't have the honor of knowing your precious momma, but what a beautiful obituary of her life! She lived her Christian faith in every way possible. She was a Lady we could all pattern our lives after to do God's work around us. I'm so sorry for the pain and loss you feel, the deep sadness in your heart, but KNOW, she is not gone, but merely away for a little while. You will be united with her in Heaven. . . .and then the celebration and party will really begin. KNOW my special friend, I am here for you; all you need to do is call. I love you. My prayers are with you and your family. Gail "
Gail Moore | Heber Springs , AR |

"Deepest and sincerest condolences to you and your family, Janie. "And I heard a voice from heaven saying, Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. Blessed indeed, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them! --Revelation 14:13. I read that scripture this morning and thought of your mama. Well done, Miss Jane!

Love to you all,

Shannon Moore | Trumann, AR |

"Janie, Ms. Jane was a Christian Lady I so adored her spirit and love for Jesus Christ. 2 corinthians 3:2-3 Ms Jane life was a living epistle written in our hearts...epistle of Christ...written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living our heart.. only in heaven will the fruit of her labor and the love of her God be known, " well done thy good and faithful servant", what a "GRAND REUNION DAY IS COMING SOON", much love and prayers for all your family may we all say together,"TO GOD BE THE GLORY"!!!!"
Linda Ramer | Heber Springs , AR |

"Dear Janie, Ted and family,

Our God must have something amazing and powerful to accomplish, having called our Ms. Jane to Him.
She was, and will always be, an undeterred example of "can-do" for all of us.Her world-class manner and sharp wit will resonate in our hearts as long as we breathe.
The Lord bless you and keep you in the love and memory of one of our state's dearest treasures.It will take no fewer than hundreds of people to make a dent in her constant contributions to our lives. What an angel she will be!
All the best,
Rita Mitchell-Harvey"

Rita Mitchell-Harvey | Little Rock, AR |

"Teddy, Jack and I were so sorry to hear about your mother. I am sorry we never got to meet her. Aftr reading her wonderful book I feel like I know her. She made me laugh and she made cry with all her wonderful stories. I know she will be missed by everyone she touched. Teddy You Debbie and all of your family along with your Mother (Ms Jane) will be in our prayers. May God watch over you all. "
Ellen and Jack Collins | Kenner, LA |

Dear Janie and all the family.

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. She was a wonderful christian lady.that I remember so well growing up in LRFC. My thoughts and prayers are you at this time."

Linda Ussery (Bonner) | Greenbrier, AR |

"Jane was a "Special Lady". She could work a room like a Queen, or toil any chosen task with laborers, making everyone smile and feel better about themselves and others. Rare indeed."
Layne Hall | Cabot, AR |

"Its hard not to think of Sister Jane Krutz other than being a part of the family. This might very well be because she was a vital part of the church and individual peoples lives. It would be impossible to think of Sister Jane other than a person that possessed a gift that allowed her to touch others in positive manner.

There are people that are timeless, and their contributions have a continue influence pass their personal presences; Sister Jane will always have that affect on the people that had the pleasure to know her. She has run a good race and has obtained her reward and earned rest that she has now. Our prayers are with the family during this time. We pray that the lost will give way to the many memories she help others have.

Charles W. Hall | Madison, MS |

"Dear Janie,
I have had the pleasure of knowing "Miss Jane" for more than 30 years; one of the many friends who loved her. We served together several years for the Chamber of Conmmerce, and made a great trip together. What a joy she was to all who had the privelege of knowing her. Her service to so many organizations is legendary.
AETN just wasn't the same without seeing her on fund raising days, and she always got a donation from her friend. She was bigger than life and loved her Lord, living it everyday. What an example for all of us. She talked the talk and walked the walk. Miss Jane will leave a Big hole in this community and will be missed, so missed. My condolences and love are with you Janie.
Mary Healey "

mary healey | Little Rock |

"I have only met Miss Jane through the great gift of her book and I have to say, what an inspiration. In the face of personal tragedy, her words and her example led me to a much higher place. I can never thank Debbie and Teddy enough for sharing their dear Miss Jane.
May your grief at her loss be quickly mended with joy for her next great adventure.
With love,

Billie CHeek Haffey | Hobe Sound, FL |

"Jane was a pioneer; she led by example.
I remember her as warm, gracious and very charming. She was a master in human relations. Jane was one of the handful of ladies you meet in life where you wish you could have met her earlier and known her longer. She will be deeply missed. My sincere sympathy to her family.

Mike Flowers | Little Rock, AR |

"So sorry to hear of the loss of your wonderful mother. Both your parents were very dear to our family. Ms. Jane was a special lady who left a lasting impression with whomever she met...I'm so thankful that we were blessed to know her. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Kim Craig Simpson | Paragould , AR |

"Janie- I am so sorry to hear about Jane.But -she
is in a MUCH better place. I know it must be hard-
but you just think of ALL the good, fun times you
two had!!! She will truly be missed by everyone.
She touched so many lives!!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I love you,girl,


Rosie Freeman | Quitman, AR |

"Jane was and always will be an inspiration to me and so many, but especially women. I have always admired and respected her so. I just loved how she could always make people want to be better, to do more, and to enjoy themselves while making such important differences. Too, I always loved how she would talk about Ted, such a wonderful love story. Thank you, Jane, for being so wonderful, in so many ways!"
Joyce Taylor | Little Rock, AR |

"Jane was an inspiration to us all! She holds a very dear place in my heart. I am grateful for the time we spent together. My deepest condolences.

Tenderly may time heal your sorrow,
Gently may friends ease your pain,
Softly may peace replace heartache,
And may warmest memories remain.

Shonna Green | DeLand, FL |

"Miss Jane was the most gracious and the most humble lady I have ever met. I had the honor to play for her on several occasions, and my band and I accompanied her husband Ted as he sang for her, "Music Maestro Please," much to her delight. The last time I saw Miss Jane I played and sang that song for her. She set an example for all people who aspire to be Christians in deed, not in word only."
Bob Boyd | Little Rock, AR |


We loved your Mom and your Dad!! I have so many wonderful memories of your Dad singing with my mother at retirement center and other events. As great as that was to watch I was most grateful to sit close to Ms. Jane so I could hear her cheer them on and tell hear her lively stories. She is a treasure that I'm so proud to have been a witness to. My dearest sympathy to you and to your family. Be comforted knowing she is with incredible company now. "

Susan Craig Ramey | Searcy, AR |

"I was fortunate to get to know Jane through public television and her involvement as a trustee of National Friends of Public Broadcasting (NFPB). Jane always filled a room with graciousness, enthusiasm, her lovely smile, her laughter and her endearing Arkansas accent. She was an inspiration to all of us who give our time to our families, public television and other nonprofit organizations which we hold dear. There was no better spokesperson for Public Broadcasting than Jane. I send my condolences to her family and want to say "thank you" for sharing her with us."
Laura K. Sampson | Evergreen, CO |

"Miss Jane was a beautiful lady who will be missed by all who knew her. She was a gentle soul and loved all. Heaven's gain is our loss."
Carol Hopper | Bryant, AR |

"MY SWEET MAMMAW!!! (from Baton Rouuuge!!) You cannot hear me because you are in heaven with my Papaw and Jesus! However, until the day I join you at those pearly gates I will hear YOU telling me not to bite my fingernails and to dress appropriately!! You were an angel on earth and now you are the real thing up in heaven! This little Sarahjane WILL NOT miss a home in heaven with you - and I can thank you when I get there for all your constant prayers when you were here and I needed them and you!!"

"Janie, I just want you to know that you, Sarah Jane and all the family are in our thoughts and prayers. We were so sorry to hear of your loss, she was truly a blessing to everyone who knew her."
Jack & Carolyn Gay | Heber Springs, AR |

""Mama Krutz" will be greatly missed by my family. She was my "adopted" mom. She and I talked about anything and everything. She showed me how to be the best person I could be. She taught me how to be the best money manager I could be. She taught me and corrected me at times on how to raise my kids. Words cannot express how I feel about Mama Krutz. Thanks Teddy, Janie, and all the grandkids for allowing me to be part of your family. I love you Mama Krutz!"
Patrice, Michelle & Dakota Luehring | Little Rock, AR |

"Janie and Family, So sorry to hear of the loss of you Mom. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. "
Larry and Dorothy Larson | Paragould, AR |

"I became a Jane fan at DevCon, 5 minutes after we met we were best friends! We had so much fun with her, she could charm anyone! she talked a taxi driver into being a tour guide for us and he took us all over the city. Oh what fun we had. I just want you to know what a wonderful lady I thought she was.
Kitty Conners
Redding CA"

Kitty conners | Redding, CA |

"Janie and family... we had the privilege of being a part of Miss Jane's life at First Church. She was such an inspiration. She never forgot a face and was always the first to greet us whenever life allowed our paths to cross over the years. We are asking the Father to fill every empty place she leaves in your life. THAT'S certainly a bit task but He is able! You will remain in our prayers."
Mike & Dana Clowers and Family | Little Rock, AR |

"I had the priviledge of meeting Miss Jane through my wife Susie who grew up living next door to her parents in NLR. She truly had the love of Jesus in her heart and her life reflected it. RIP Miss Jane

Kenny Nony"

Kenny Nony | Bryant, AR |

"Miss Jane will be sorely missed around AETN...both personally and for her fundraising efforts. I loved to work in the studio when she was on air "calling out" her numerous cousins telling them to call in and pledge their support for our programming efforts. We love you Miss Jane and can't wait to catch up with you and Ted in Heaven!"
Kathy Atkinson | Conway, AR |

"There is a big void in my life, but heaven is richer for it. I will miss you "Mama Krutz".J love you."
Bettye Fraker | Sumter, SC |

"Janie,Teddy and family,
Your mother sent my mother,Patty Bradshaw,a book at Christmas time. It touched my heart so much. Thank you for sharing your mother and daddy with us through the years. Becky Bradshaw Hunt"

Becky Hunt | Greenwood, AR |

"Our love, deepest sympathies and prayers for you and your family. "
Margaret and Frances Carner | Jacksonville, FL |

"What a blessing it has been to know and love Ms. Jane and her family. She was a very special person and I just know God said.. welcome my faithful servant now you can rest...but knowing Ms. Jane she will stay busy doing whatever is done in heaven. Love and Prayers to you all."
Dianne Daigle | Miramar Beach, FL |

"Miss Jane's parents, Victor and Fannie Gray, were a very special part of my teen years when my dad was pastor of NLR First Nazarene Church. Through them I knew the Krutz family...and Miss Jane made a profound impression on me even then. Reading of the outstanding expressions of her compassion in her beloved state, only underscores what I knew then: she was "one-of-a-kind" and a very special lady indeed! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during these days!"
Phyllis Darden Rice | Brentwood, TN |

"What an inspiration to us all to have known and experienced the presence of Ms. Krutz. So glad to have known her and be energized by her words of wisdom and confidence."
Lana Roach | North Little Rock, AR |

"Dearest Janie,over and over I have tried to think of what I wanted to say about your precious mother and my sister in the Lord. I have decided it's not words but her radiate countenance that was always present. The joy of her faith was such a blessing to my life. To see her sitting with you in worship and her hands lifted in honor to her Lord will always be in my fondest memories.

Janie, you are so loved!! Marilyn and I pray God's grace, strength, and peace on you and your family.

Roger and Marilyn"

Roger and Marilyn Pettit | Heber Springs, AR |

" I was an AETN employee from 1972-1998. For a majority of those years, I worked alongside Mrs. Krutz during its frequent fundraisers.
Her on-camera presence and connection with the audience was truly amazing. I know she always got everyone around her enthused about what we were doing, and the contributions she made to AETN's growth and success over the years is
My most personal memories of her weren't so much about fundraising, but about the common
interest we had in classic films. I hosted
"The Good Times Picture Show" from 1977-1998. Mrs. Krutz and I would often share stories about old movies when we'd meet. One of our common
topics was actor Don Ameche. He was her all-time
favorite, and told me how she'd won a contest in her youth involving him. I think she might have actually met him once. In any case, I had the good fortune to interview Mr. Ameche by phone a few times, and on at least one of those occasions I arranged for Mrs. Krutz to be there so she could talk to him. I know that must have been a great thrill for her.
AETN will certainly have a void with Mrs. Krutz's passing. I don't think anyone else has given as much to that organization as she did.
She was a blessing and a treasure, and those fundraisers won't be the same without her.


Ray Nielsen
Conway, AR "

Raymond J. Nielsen | Conway, AR |

"All of us who support pubic broadcasting owe a great national debt of gratitude to Jane Krutz, one of our most dynamic spokespersons to the Congress of the United States for the educational values of pubic media. While she was pleasant in her gentile ways, she was also a driving force that energized those around her. Heaven help St. Peter when she enters through those pearly gates. "
David Brugger, former CEO, APTS | Washington, DC |

"Janie, My heart goes out to you and your family...I met your Mom one time and she certainly left a wonderful lasting impression..what an amazing Godly woman that God blessed your family with...My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time..God bless!!!

Judy Freeman | Quitman, AR |

"My wish for anyone is that their life's path is enriched by knowing a "Jane Krutz" sometime along the journey. I served with Jane as a Trustee on the National Friends of Public Broadcasting. Her vibrant personality welcomed all of us and one could not help but want to do something more to raise the bar in support of public broadcasting, not just locally but also with our Congressional leadership. She was inspiring to say the least. And she could charm the socks off you before you knew what hit you. But you didn't mind at all. My life is richer for having known Jane Krutz!"
Judy Dunson | Indianapolis, IN |

"Jane was a wonderful lady and I will always remember her love and devotion to her friends and her family, whom she loved dearly.

Thank you, Jane Krutz, for the goodness and generosity you shared so happily. You've been a great reminder of the true meaning of God's love.


Lou Winchelll | Lavaca, AR |

"So sorry to hear about Momma Krutz passing. She was a part of my life for 15 years. She taught me the importance of being a Christian. And that family is everything. My heartfelt sympathy to Teddy and Janie.
Freddie Krutz Young"

freddie younf | memphis,tn |

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